Projects developed by Belrom Real Estate

We develop on the basis of our relationships, on a foundation of trust.

The quality of the projects we deliver is also the result of great partnerships, those with planners, architects, engineers, cost consultants, project & construction managers, contractors.

We share goals in the delivery of high quality buildings and places, and of sustainable, long-term value.

All our developments take place within a successful partnership with The Office Architecture and Project Management.

Most of the regions we choose to operate in, enjoy for the first time the experience of modern commerce.

Bel Rom’s goal is to develop retail, delivering enjoyable environments which enhance people’s lives and broaden perspectives.

By the end of 2011, Belrom will have developed 8 operational retail centers all over Romania.

We move fast without compromising quality of our developments.

This is the challenge we face every day: balancing speed and quality.

And this have been the foundation of our success – achieving this balance.